Another World for iPad and iPhone Review

I don't usually post on two consecutive days... But this post is special: today is the 20th Anniversary of Another World, one of the best games I remember from my childhood. And to commemorate, they have released an iPad/iPhone port. Which is awesome!

5 Years ago, for the 15th Anniversary, another special edition was created for Windows with high resolution graphics, and this is the base version for the iPad port. It looks awesome, and you can switch from the "old" low resolution graphics to the "new" high resolution while in-game, to get a taste of what games where in 1991.

I have only played a little, mostly because I should be working. You have two choices for the controls: touch and pad. The touch controls look very well thought, but after many (many!) deaths in the original (and 15th Anniversary) editions of Another World, I prefer pad.

Also, to appeal more players, they have created 3 difficulty levels: Normal, Hard and Hardcore. I have not checked, but I bet the original was only Hardcore. Will need to play more to check, which I will undoubtedly do. By the way, all the links to App Store in this post are affiliate links... But you bet this game deserves it.
Written by Ruben Berenguel