Ruben Berenguel, PhD

Started a long time ago. It was supposed to be about a phenomenon leading to chaos: separatrix splitting. I got a research grant. I worked on holomorphic dynamics. Travelled. Presented. Too many roadblocks with the separatrix problem. Switched topics. Welcome to a different new world, infinite dimensional dynamical systems. I read the literature. Researched, proved some things. My grant ran out. I worked. A lot. Too many times I considered giving up. Kept thinking of the sunk cost fallacy. My advisor and my girlfriend helped me keep at it. I pushed on.

All this happened in early February, and since then many more things have happened. Right now I'm working part in London and part at home as a mix of software and data engineer, with a dash of devops to make it more spicy. Truly a jack of all trades (but I specially like the data science part).
Written by Ruben Berenguel