2019#14 Readings of the week

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NOTE: The themes are varied, and some links below are affiliate links. Data engineering, adtech, functional programing, formal specification. Expect a similar wide range in the future as well. You can check all my weekly readings by checking the tag here . You can also get these as a weekly newsletter by subscribing here.

Schema Management With Skeema

How SendGrid manages schema updates internally. A pity it’s focused on MySQL and family and I prefer Postgres

How to do hard things

I wasn’t aware, but this is exactly how I approach anything I don’t know how to do. Don’t miss this one.

The bullshit I had to go through while organizing a software conference

I’ve been an organiser, luckily didn’t encounter this. Crossing fingers, since we are preparing stuff at PyBCN.

The reason I am using Altair for most of my visualization in Python

I usually like having the possibility of maximum power and expressiveness... But eventually I just want to make easy things easy. I’ll try Altair next time I need to plot anything. Lately I’ve gone a lot to gnuplot, to be fair: nothing beats it to just plot a text file you have lying around.

Introducing Argo — A Container-Native Workflow Engine for Kubernetes

This is what is now being used at BitPhy, after I recommended them to... well, not use Airflow. To be fair they were considering Argo and Airflow, and given they are heavy on Kubernetes, Argo sounds a better fit.

Do I truly want to become a manager?

Six questions you should consider before thinking of making the leap out of the IC route. Thanks to CM for sharing it.

Ask HN: What overlooked class of tools should a self-taught programmer look into

You can find some suggestions in these answers.

Give meaning to 100 Billion events a day

How Teads leverages AWS Redshift.

Performant Functional Programming to the max with ZIO

You were wondering: which ZIO post is he going to share this week?

Meet Matt Calkins: Billionaire, Board Game God And Tech's Hidden Disruptor

A friend of mine is designing and producing a board game (I’ll share the Kickstarter when is ready), so this was a fun read. He’s not a billionaire though.

Open-sourcing the first OpenRTB Scala framework

I’m not sure what the performance of a RTB can be in Scala, but I’m definitely interested.

Zero Cost Abstractions

Rust is always sold as a zero-cost abstraction language. What does that exactly mean?

A novel data-compression technique for faster computer programs

Don’t know, this sounds pretty much what Blosc does.

๐ŸŽฅ Fast Data with Apache Ignite and Apache Spark

(this is an oldie) I tried Ignite+Spark around 1 year ago, and couldn’t get it to work properly (segmentation fault!). I’ll try again: it can open up a lot of things if it works as promised.

๐ŸŽฅ Thinking for Programmers

Leslie Lamport selling you the why of specifications. Very recommended, specially for people who think specifying is complex, long, unnecessary or anti-agile.

๐ŸŽฅ Live Coding with Rust and Actix

I was very impressed by this video (I watched it as “background”, not actively). Very focused, and all written in one go.

๐ŸŽฅ Solving every-day data problems with FoundationDB

FoundationDB is on my list of technologies to watch/follow and learn. Get a glimpse about why here.

๐Ÿ“š Soft Skills

It’s not a bad book, but is basically a summary of stuff I got from other places already. You can give it a go.

๐ŸŽผ Time Out by the Dave Brubeck Quartet

Saw this recommended somewhere, and I’m liking it a lot (won’t remove Bill Evans as my favourite jazz pianist though)


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Written by Ruben Berenguel