About me

I am a Spanish mathematician living near to Barcelona. I have a PhD due to my study of invariant manifolds in infinite dimensional lattices.

I work as data/software engineer, writing new products and making the existing ones faster. If you are looking for a "numbers guy" give me a shot, 2 hours of my time are cheaper than a half-time guy.

I have been interested in programming since I was 7, when I started with Basic in an Amstrad PC at school, and I started looking for ways to improve my time management and productivity when I was just starting high school.

Since then, I've improved a lot my programming abilities, and slowly, my time management. I have also done a lot of unrelated things:
  • Learnt Common Lisp by myself, starting in 2003. Kept it as my second language of choice after C (I learnt that in the University), which is where I do most of my personal projects. After that, I got a basic working knowledge of these programming languages just for fun: Java, Javascript, PostScript.
  • Learnt French and German to acceptable levels before getting into undergraduate studies.
  • Got two personal Origami designs published (Flower-Box and iPhone case)
  • Finished my undergraduate studies in Mathematics on due date, only failing one exam. The year after that failure, I registered to the advanced class, where I scored an A-. Since then, I have published a paper in a closely related field.
  • Fulfilled a childhood desire to learn karate, got my green belt in Shito-Ryu karate before time constraints in the University forced me to give up (temporarily, I hope).
  • Named my cat after a mathematician (Fatou, for Pierre Fatou)
  • Found a girlfriend as geek as me (she crochets amigurumis, loves a cat she didn't want and accepted to read The Little Lisper to learn some programming)
I have written guest posts in several blogs, among them:
Here in mostlymaths.net I write mostly about time management, productivity, my programming and Linux projects and very occasionally, some maths. I do also occasional book reviews (about the previous themes), and I have written a little about my trip to Iceland. Among my all time favourites you can read:
Written by Ruben Berenguel